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Writer's Block: Killer Queen

What's your favorite Queen song, and why?

There are too many for me to pick a single favourite. I am such a Queen fan, their music brings a sense of hope which I've never felt from another artist. An obvious favourite for me would be Tie Your Mother Down, because of the fantastic riff, the great lyrics (written by Brian May, my favourite Queen songwriter) also the fact that the song seems to be an interesting sexual anecdote about 'shy' Brian's past.

Another favourite would be Sail Away Sweet Sister, a totally different sounding song, but a song so sweet and warm that it brings tears to my eyes. Another Brian classic.

Fat Bottomed Girls speaks for itself, also the fact that Brian wrote it....for Freddie, which I do believe as it isn't really Brian's style lyrically or personally it seems.

There are so many more I could include, Seaside Rendezvous for the way it reminds me of my other favourite band; Muse, Keep Yourself Alive for the strength it gave me in hard times, '39 because its incredible and Brian May's voice is perfect. For a song written and sang by Freddie I would have to pick The March Of The Black Queen, it is incredible, and makes me feel free. However it seems impossible to ignore Bohemian Rhapsody.

For a song by Queen's ever irresistable drummer Roger Taylor I am going to pick Rock It (Prime Jive) it never fails to make me want to dance.

The last song I will mention is I Want To Break Free. Written by John Deacon, it is an anthem for non-conformity, self expression and pride in being different, one of the main reasons I think it has become this is the music video. The fact that four men dressed as women could scandalise a nation amuses me greatly. The sad thing is that while Lady Gaga's videos, many of which are softcore porn, can be watched by anyone on youtube, with no obligation to sign in or to click a button suggesting you are a certain age, the video for I Want To Break Free, is restricted. Why? Because Roger Taylor's legs in that skirt are somehow inappropriate? It seems that although time has passed since Freddie, Roger, Brian and John were causing raised eyebrows and affording dirty looks, they still have the power to shock.



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